You probably all know that Kai Carriers won the Munch Award for the Best Kitchen Product for Kids and you can read more about Kylie Matthews from Kai Carriers.

The Munch Awards - Nominations for Kids Kitchen Products

The Munch Awards – Nominations for Kids Kitchen Products

There were a large range of other products which were nominated for the award and I thought it would interesting to examine these in a bit more detail. Since the holidays are still in full swing for primary school kids, you may still be interested in new kitchen gadgets for kids…

One nominee was the Lunchpunch cookie cutters. Lunch Punch offer a wide range of sandwich cutters which help make food fun for kids.

Another cool product nominated were individualised placemats from Idenity Direct. Identity Direct offers a large range of Personalised Placemats. A great way to get kids engaged with getting up to he table. Placemats can be designed with a favourite image or character and personalised individual names.

Another nominee was the Penny Scallan bamboo dining set, which I have previously reviewed in my post Penny Scallan Meal Time Products. They are a great product, and I have been seeing more and more bamboo products in the stores. Yay.

About the Munch Awards

The Munch Awards are more than just finding out who the goodies and baddies of the kids food industry are, the awards aim to raise awareness of the following;

·         What foods are good and bad for our kids.

·         The techniques that advertisers use to  promote unhealthy food to our kids.

·         To recognise the advertisements that promotes healthy food to children in a fun and appealing way.

·         What kitchen products are good for our kids.

·         The best of what parents have to say about kids food.

The Awards give people a chance to have their say about the food industry in relation to our kids. In September 2013 the people and members of Munch have been nominating examples of the best and worst in the categories below.  Then in October 2013 the people who have visted our online site have

The Awards give New Zealand parents a public voice in the fight against unhealthy food and drink promotions which directly target kids, which undermine parents’ influence. It also highlights those companies that are making and promoting great products and advice to our kids.

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