Before Christmas I received a pleasant surprise in the post. It was a selection of Kiwigarden freeze dried snacks. Kiwigarden offers a range of new to market natural freeze dried snacks. Their slogan, “100% no nasties”, had me intrigued – I definitely wanted to give them a good test run.

Kiwigarden freeze dried snacks

I was sent four snacks to sample:

  • Apple slices
  • Sweet Corn, Corn Kernels
  • Banana Honey Yoghurt Drops
  • Banana Berry Yoghurt Drops.

These are a really great lunch-box snack option. Kiwigarden products are simply fruit and vegetables that have been freeze dried. The nutrition is the same as it is for the raw fruit or vegetable.

Technology used to create Kiwigarden freeze dried snacks

Kiwigarden uses freeze-dried technology to ensure that the raw product’s nutritional value and flavour are retained in the process. The water has been removed from the products and nothing has been added. Their products don’t have any artificial sweeteners, additives or preservatives. Just fruit and vegetables that have been freeze-dried. The skin is on the apple too.

As Kiwigarden products were completely new to me I got a few of my friends and their kids, and my kids of course, to sample the four snack types. The tastings were universally well received. I personally preferred the apple slices and corn product. The yoghurt drops tasted nice but were quite chalky, which didn’t appeal to my palate. This didn’t put the kids of eating them.

Kiwi Garden creators are a husband and wife team: Jo Edwards and former All Black captain Taine Randell. Originally designed with their own children in mind, the Kiwigarden range was born out of their frustration at not being able to find yummy and healthy lunchbox snacks for their children.

I would definitely buy more of these Kiwigarden freeze dried snacks as they make a great lunch box treat.


Mummy to three small boys

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