The National Institute for Health Innovation and MunchcookingThe National Institute for Health Innovation and Munchcooking.

We are pleased to announce that Auckland University is on board with us as one of our Food Champions by providing us with latest research in the area of kids food.

See below a little bit about the Department who will be providing us with some posts (taken directly from their website).  You will find more about Cliona, Helen and….under the tab ‘Our story’.

The National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI) is a leading New Zealand research institute with a focus on prevention and management of common serious diseases and effective healthcare.

NIHI is part of The University of Auckland and provides independent scientific evidence that supports individuals, communities, clinicians, and policy makers to ‘get it right’.

The National Institute for Health Innovation and Munchcooking – THE NEED

The growing burden of complex, long term conditions is driving demand for healthcare around the world, yet skilled health professionals and funding are increasingly in short supply. At best, these factors jeopardise the ability of healthcare systems to meet current patient expectations, at worst, they threaten the very sustainability of the healthcare system. New approaches to promoting health, preventing disease, and providing healthcare are urgently needed.

However, at a time when investment in effective and intelligent change is most needed, investment is increasingly constrained. To have the best possible chance of success, strategies must be underpinned by robust evidence of effectiveness, value and equity. There is no margin for poor decisions.


NIHI aims to enable informed decisions to be made about the delivery of healthcare, the technology to support that care delivery and the prevention and management of disease.

NIHI’s scientists have world-class expertise in developing novel health interventions and in measuring, monitoring and tackling today’s most problematic health conditions and their causes.

The informatics and health technology experts at NIHI develop new approaches to the use of health information to shed light on health problems, and trial the use of information technology to drive and scale up e-health and telehealth across healthcare systems.

The Institute’s clinical trials capability enables rigorous assessments on the efficacy of new pharmaceuticals, new ways of using existing drugs, and new approaches to prevention and treatment that involve lifestyle behaviour change, often supported by technologies such as mobile phones.

We are proud The National Institute for Health Innovation and Munchcooking are working together!


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