Food allergies in children - introducing Munch Cooking specialist

Introducing our new Food Allergy specialist

Food allergies in children is a great concern these days. So many more kids suffer these days and in many parts of the world.

When we were putting together this on line magazine we decided that we needed more information in the area of food allergies in children for our our readers.  Many of our posts from our old Blogger account were ideas and recipes for children generally.

Who did we want to be a our specialist for our ‘Food allergies in children section’?

We wanted to find someone that was a kiwi mum who had real experiences of handling food allergies in children.  We did not want someone who would just push through ideas and not link them with how kids react and behave.  And I know some kids who do not even have allergies need a bit of softening to try different foods etc.

Who we found for our new ‘Food allergies in children seciton’.

So I am so pleased that Rebecca Oliver has joined us to help grow this section on food allergies in children.  Rebecca has written for Allergy New Zealand which is a specialist NZ site for dealing with food allergies in children.  She is also working on her own site about food allergies in children. We will be adding a recipe section on our recipe grid once we gather more recipes.  But in the meantime I hope you enjoy the posts from Rebecca.  So do check in each week to see some great tips, ideas, recipes and stories from Rebecca.

Next week we will be posting up a little interview about Rebecca Oliver our new Food allergies in children section.  So make sure you come on back next week, if not before.



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