banana ice creamHere is a great video clip kindly shared by Annabel on how to make one ingredient banana ice cream.

I just cannot help myself when it comes to making things with bananas as they are so easy to work with and kids just love them.  I have not come across any child that does not love bananas.  In fact last weekend at the Martinbourgh Fair we gave away 500 bananas at our store thanks to All Good Bananas who won our Munch Awards for the Best kids food.

Make sure you check out our other banana recipes for the whole family such as our Banana pineapple ice cream.  In fact one of my favorite recipes which I must pop up sometime is the very simple iconic Edmonds Banana Cake.  Whenever we have old bananas I freeze them and when I am ready to make the banana cake I just pull them out and make it.  Since my whole family love the banana cake I make two at a time.  Next post I shall pop up this iconic recipe but in the meantime enjoy Annabel’s video clip on One ingredient banana ice cream.

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Annabel Langbein one ingrediant banana ice cream

Did you know…

According to Wikipedia....Banana leaves are large, flexible, and waterproof. They are often used as ecologically friendly disposable food containers or as “plates” in South Asia and several Southeast Asian countries.

In Indonesian cuisine, banana leaf is employed in cooking method called pepes and botok; the banana leaf packages containing food ingredients and spices are cooked on steam, in boiled water or grilled on charcoal.

In the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala in every occasion the food must be served in a banana leaf and as a part of the food a banana is served. Steamed with dishes they impart a subtle sweet flavor. They often serve as a wrapping for grilling food. The leaves contain the juices, protect food from burning and add a subtle flavor.

In Tamil Nadu (India) leaves are fully dried and used as packing material for food stuffs and also making cups to hold liquid foods.

In Central American countries, banana leaves are often used as wrappers for tamales.

Hope you enjoy Annabel’s One ingredient Banana ice cream.


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