CompetitionsWe are having a month of daily competitions to celebrate our new site and they started last night.  Yahoo. Munch mum Alice will be running competitions daily on our many social media sites.  Competitions are her favourite thing and she is so good at it!

As you know we are all up and running . Albeit some backend stuff and a few more added features.  I tell you, there has been a huge learning curve lately now that we have been elevated to the true world of websites.  No more simple Blogger 101.  I have now a heap of new terms in my little baby brain such as SEO, permalinks, long tail links, pingbacks… I would have loved to be the one to have named some of these terms!

I have now passed on my (very humble and limited) knowledge to our usual writers and others, so you will be reading more posts from the much missed Mummy of three little boys and Kate Day from Freddies Food.  And that means less posts from me as I need to get on with some of the other things on my ever growing list.  Not complaining as we are certainly growing quickly but just need three of me lately!  But hey, I reckon mums are great at multi tasking, but some days it would be great just to do one task.  Although this is properly impossible when you have three little ones, a hubby and a growing business etc

So what is there to WIN for our month of daily competitions?

Tthe purpose of this post was to tell you that Alice has just launched our month of competitions.  So head over to our WIN page and see what is up for grabs.  More products will be added every day.  Many of the products we sell at our Shop.

Last night we got 2990 comments with an organic reach of 8930, so we take from that, that our followers love our competitions.  DUCK DUCK DUCK was the word of the comp.

So make sure you sign up to all our social media channels to be in to win.

Enjoy the competitions!


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