Wellington Foodshow

Last year Munch Cooking presented at the Go Green Expo. This weekend we will be at the Wellington Food Show 2014 and we would love to see you there.  Please do let us know if you follow us on our social media platforms as we may recognise your name and we love putting faces to names.

The Wellington Food Show 2014

It is being held at the Westpac Stadium on Friday 9 May – Sunday 11 May 2014.

As you will know, Munch Cooking also has an online shop that offers eco friendly products from lunchboxes, sandwich wraps to giftwares for the kitchen. Many of the products will be on display at the Show including our cookbook and our new litterless lunch wraps.

Munch litterless lunch wraps

Gladwrap and clingwrap are so bad for the environment – it does not biodegrade and it is dangerous for our animals, so let’s


find an alternative! Launched this month is the New Zealand made Munch Litterless lunch wraps. Buy a set for only $25 at the food show. Many designs to suit your taste.

Munch seasonal cookbook for baby and family

The International Award winning cookbook – Munch seasonal cookbook for baby and families will be available at the show for only $25. This is a special price for the show only. It makes a great present for a new mum or a mum that is after new refreshing ideas for cooking for the family.

Read more about Munch at the Wellington Food Show here or about Munch at the go green expo.

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