Kiwi Mummy Blogs Editorial for the Milford CentreWearing one of my other hats, over at Kiwi Mummy Blogs, I was asked to write a mum related editorial for the Milford Centre. To begin with I was a little bit confused because I had been to Milford Sounds and didn’t remember it having a shopping Centre. However, I soon realised that there was a slightly bigger Milford out there. I thought I would share the editorial for the Milford Centre here with you because it’s about being a mum and Mothers Day!

I hope that your loved ones have planned something special for you tomorrow and that you have a wonderful day. You deserve it you wonderful, amazing, talented, multi tasking Mums!

Editorial for the Milford Centre

As a mum of three small boys I often find that I am much busier than I hoped or planned to be. There are times when it is feels like a great accomplishment to have brushed both my teeth and my hair on the same day.

I love the school holidays, but they often feel even busier than term time. The obvious upside is that it is an opportunity to have more time with the kids. The holidays can be a real juggle though, especially if you still have to fit in paid work somehow.

I have developed a few survival strategies for the school holidays. With the kids around more I have to do less other stuff and just focus on the basics, and the kids. All the little extra things I try to squeeze into my life just have to be let go of.

For me doing less is actually a good thing. Sometimes maintaining balance in life can be achieved by simply focusing on the basics: everyone fed, a good amount of sleep for the whole family and something clean to wear. I have tried to translate the doing less mentality into goals that help me achieve more balance in my busy life.

Perhaps there is something here for you:

  • Try to shower, dress and eat your breakfast.Eat sitting down, not hiding in the kitchen and definitely not while multi-tasking.
  • Establish priorities, some jobs that can wait. If you feel some things can’t wait – try to tackle one thing at a time.
  • Think positively and try to keep your sense of humour – you can choose to laugh when your little one tries to redecorate the living room with flour and multi-coloured sprinkles.
  • Try and maintain healthy habits: eat regularly, and well, take a walk or get other exercise regularly. A little bit of exercise can give you a sense of achievement.
  • Rest and relaxation are important (yes, easy to dream about a little harder to achieve) and do pay dividends. Have fun with the kids. This could be as simple as playing hide and seek with them or being the tickle-monster.
  • Make time for yourself. Do things for you… even if you can only find five minutes. Lie down, take a bath, read a book, take a walk or bike to the shops.
  • Take the occasional break from your everyday routine. It could just be getting someone to cover the dinner shift occasionally while you go for a walk. Or get some friends together and go shopping or have a coffee.

Hopefully you will get a good amount of you time on Mothers Day. Perhaps you could take a break from routine and do a couple of circuits of your local shopping Centre and enjoy some retail therapy (you time, plus exercise!). Or grab a coffee and while you read some of the great blogs by mums over at Kiwi Mummy Blogs.

As for Anna and I, we will be at the Wellington Food Show on Mothers Day so we might see some of you there.

Mummy to three small boys
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