Aisla Hayes is living the dream! Aisla has recently joined the Munch review crew. Hurray! You can read her review of Munch Loves ChooMee baby food pouch tops here. Its so nice to meet a new blogger and new reviewer. Welcome aboard Aisla. Here is a little bit more about her, in her own words…

Aisla Hayes is living the dream…

Aisla Hayes is living the dream
“I am a Kiwi Mum of two children living on seven acres of paradise in the South Island.  Days are filled with the usual motherly chaos as well as chasing goats, chooks, and sheep.  We are trying to live a more self reliant life and our challenges and successes are celebrated on my blog Living the Dream.
Here’s my recipe for Apple Pancakes which I found on The Simple Sweet Life.
This is a great brunch recipe, or even after school snack.  If you have an apple corer/slicer gadget it is even easier!
These were really easy to make. I used a toothpick to spear them out of the batter and into the skillet, and a small spoonful of batter to cover the hole in the middle. You should try these with maple syrup or eat plain or try them with yogurt and fruit.
One of the very first munch posts was on Apples For more ideas on getting more fruit into your kids diet check out this fun post on see our “apple doughnuts” post…

 Munch Reviewer Aisla Hayes, Living the Dream



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