For me one of the most quintessential Wellington sweet treats is a good date scone. Now I must confess to having had a fair few of these in my time. That said I haven’t actually baked that many. This is because there are so many standout date scone providers in Wellington.

Some of the great date scones of Wellington

Some of the great date scones of Wellington, and variations on these, can be found at the following places:

The Larder, Miramar – date and orange or date and cardamom.

Nikau, Wellington City Gallery  – dainty, yet perfect with extra’s similar to Larder.

Clarkes cafe in the Wellington City Library – soft and sugary apple, date and buttermilk.

Scorchorama, Scorching Bay – Large, sugar and cinnamon coated.

Gipsy Kitchen, Strathmore – Amazing scones and a must-stop food spot. Try their rhubarb and caramel scone…

Now you might be thinking that I am biased slightly towards the Eastern Suburbs of Wellington. This is because I live in Miramar, but I must say we are very well represented for excellent food spots. It is well worth the trek out here. Please tell us about your favourite date scone provider though, I would be happy to add it to this list!

Foodies of Wellington some time ago shared their views on top scone’s of Wellington which is a bit less Eastern-scentric. For some more scientific research on the best date scone of Wellington, you must read Word On The Street’s It’s a date.

We have previously shared a great traditional scone recipe when we reviewed: Book review – Granny’s Kitchen Baking. In another post we shared with you a great recipe for Peveline’s pumpkin scones. A great way to sneak in some extra vegetables into your diet. If you want another cheesy recipe why not try these cheesy sweetcorn puffs.

Scones 1

For an alternative to a date scone, why not try this recipe for Ministry of Food’s Cheese Scones. These are legendary within the Wellington civil service coffee clubs.


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