Little Angels Baby food reviewI was contacted by Heather Baker the owner of the new Little Angels baby food range to sample some of her products.  Well not for myself for obvious reasons but for baby Eddie to test them out.  I reckon children and babies are perfect food critics as they do not mince their words, they will just refuse to eat food they do not like.  There are no pretences and you get straight to the point on the first bite!

So here is a little paragraph from NZ mum Heather Baker about her new venture.

“Hand made in New Zealand from organic fruit, vegetables and grains. Our fish is line caught in the Sth Island, and our meat is from free range New Zealand farms. Every ingredient in Little Angels meals is chosen for its nutritional properties, taste and texture.

“We never add sugar, flour, or any type of preservatives, flavours or colours. All the flavour and the nutrition comes from our fresh, wholesome ingredients.

“The meals are snap frozen into little cubes, and packed into snaplock packs to keep in your freezer. You can take out the number of cubes you need for each meal. 1 pack contains about 3-6 meals.

“Little Angels meals are made in small batches, simmered slowly, and lovingly prepared for your baby.”‘

You can find out more information or order her products over at her website here.  You can either buy them on line or you can find them in some supermarket stores.

What did Eddie and Anna like about Little Angels baby food?

So what did baby Eddie and I think of her range of products.  Here is a 10 point list of our favourite things about the product;

  1. They were delivered in a nicely presented box.
  2. Loved the branding.
  3. Each package was a perfect size, although you cannot microwave the bag (having said that I am not a fan of using the microwave for baby food)
  4. Love the fact that they are organic.
  5. Love the fact that there is NO preservatives.
  6. Love the fact that it supports other NZ businesses since all ingredients are sourced in NZ.
  7. Loved all the fruit and vegetable range.
  8. Liked the variety of options in the range.
  9. Liked the fact that you can just take out a few cubes at a time.
  10. Loved the fact that a NZ mum has set up the company.

The only downside is that Ed was not so keen on the meat ones but Ed generally is off meat at the moment.  And I hardly ever give 10/10.

So would I recommend them, oh yes I would.



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