Redding Organic Cereals apple walnut and blackcurrant muesli


One of the cool things about my job is getting the opportunity to be introduced to new products, brands and ideas. I love change. I love new things. I love it when we find better ways to do the same thing we used to do. In this post I introduce you to a new product and brand that I have had the pleasure of trying recent: Redding Organic Cereals and their Organic Puffed Muesli. I got to try their apple walnut and blackcurrant muesli.

I didn’t realise until I went to write this post that Redding Cereals are a Wellington based, organic manufacturer. They aim to offer simple, high quality puffed cereal range of Rice puffs, Buckwheat puffs and Millet puffs, all of which are gluten free.

Traditionally puffed cereals popular in New Zealand were being imported from Europe, USA and Australia. Redding Organic Cereals have changed this.


Redding Organic Cereals apple walnut and blackcurrant muesli

The grains they use are organic, whole and unrefined. Some of it sourced from overseas but some, for example like their Buckwheat, is 100% NZ grown.

This makes me appreciate it even more. What a lovely story and the products are yummy. I tried the Apple Walnut and Blackcurrant Organic Puffed Muesli – it was delicious. And if I am honest I am not a big fan of muesli’s usually. Toast and vegemite have been my favourite for many a year. However, as I have been on a bit of diet recently I have been persuaded to change my breakfast preferences somewhat.

Although I don’t need to eat gluten free myself, and do not encourage people to eat a gluten free diet unless it is medically indicated I did appreciate the fact that this muesli had no sugar added, and had lots of good proteins in it from the walnuts and seeds. In fact the label tells me it has over 10 gms of protein for every 100 gms. My dietician would approve!

Do try the Redding Organic Cereals apple walnut and blackcurrant muesli as it is very yummy. If gluten free is not your thing, but you want to give yourself a breakfast makeover, then check out this post.

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