pony-flag-race-lottie-doll-1In this post we here from Tasha Batsford from The Maybe Diaries. Tasha tells us about her experiences of the Pony Flag Race Lottie. She loves the real sizing of these dolls. This is what she had to say:

“One of the things that scares me about having a daughter is the idea of her playing with dolls. I don’t have a problem with the concept of dolls, my issue is with their proportions, and whether they are setting my children up with a healthy expectation of body image.

Lottie Dolls are based on the scientific proportions of a 9 year old child, and come in a number of outfits, which are specifically designed to reinforce ideas of childhood, exploration and adventure.

We reviewed the Pony Flag Race Lottie and she was a big success with my daughter.

She articulates in all the right ways to enable small hands to play which means she was able not just to stand on the sidelines, but to get on a horse and ride. How many of us remember wedging our market leading dolls onto horses are precarious angles and hoping they would hang on round the show jumping course? I certainly do, and while the young me didn’t appreciate it as anything more than an inconvenience, the adult me realises that there was a subtle underlying message to this lack of movement – your job is to stand there and be pretty, it’s not your job to DO things.

Perhaps that is why I was never very keen on dolls as a child.

In addition to her design benefits, Lottie also feels very well made, and the clothes are easy to put on for small hands and are functional. Since joining our family Lottie has been given a vigorous workout on several occasions and still looks as if she has just stepped out of her packaging. No birds nest hair for her or fraying clothes, Lottie appears to be immune to the demands of the day. Unlike her human co-conspirator who generally looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards by the end of breakfast.

Every revolution starts small, and while it might feel that Lottie is David to the industry Goliath I know that the values this brand are trying to foster are ones I want to share with my children. The website offers certificates for super scientists, bravery awards and how to build your own robotic hand.

If you are looking for a positive role model of a doll, I would say you need look no further.”


Munch Reviewer, Tasha Batsford

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