Wow – we have just launched the Munch Awards 2014, and we are very excited. In this post we examine the Munch Awards 2013, and what they were about. We also look at what the award categories were in 2013 and what the timeline is for the 2014 Awards.

We are about to launch the 2014 Munch Awards. Yes, we are very excited about this. Hurray! I thought it was a good time to have a look back at the Munch Awards 2013 and remind ourselves what the Munch Awards are all about.

The Munch Awards aim to raise awareness of the following:

  • What foods are good and bad for our kids
  • The techniques that advertisers use to promote unhealthy food to our kids
  • To recognise the advertisements that promotes healthy food to children in a fun and appealing way
  • What kitchen products are good for our kids
  • The best of what parents have to say about kids food
  • To identify a supreme award winner


We think that the Munch Awards give people a chance to have their say about the food industry in relation to our kids. They give New Zealand parents a public voice in the fight against unhealthy food and drink promotions which directly target kids, which undermine parents’ influence. It also highlights those companies that are making and promoting

great products and advice to our kids.

Categories of the Munch Awards 2013

The award categories for 2013 were as follows:

  • Best Kids Food Products
  • Best Kids Food Blog
  • Best Kids Kitchen Product
  • Best Kids Food Blog
  • Best Kids Food Marketing Campaign
  • Worst Kids Food Product
  • Worst Kids Food Marketing Campaign


Do you remember who won what award last year? Well you can check that out our round up of the 2013 Munch awards winners and losers. Or jump over to the Munch Cupboard round up.

Watch this space for the Munch Awards 2014 are about to be launched. There will be a new category this year, a Supreme winner award has been included.


Munch Awards 2013 - Supreme Winner 2014


Timeline for the Munch Awards 2014

Friday 3 October 2014 – Munch awards are launched and nominations begin.

Friday 24th of October – Voting commences.

Friday 14 November – Voting closes and you will be sent the winners in all categories along with evaluation criteria.  The criteria to be sent back to us via email by 20 November and depending on outcomes we may need to arrange Skype discussion all together on the decisions.

Friday 21 November – Results are out and will be published.

We have a cool panel of Judges this year too and some great sponsors.

So get ready to nominate soon!


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