I hadn’t actually heard of Ruby’s List before I was asked to try some their free range meat, but I am definitely a convert to their gorgeous good quality meat. Ruby's List 2 400 x 230


I was very excited to receive a large pack of organic meat including the following:

  • 500gm Mahy Farms Beef Mince
  • 500gm Mahy Farms Free Range Chicken Breasts
  • 600gm Hawkes Bay Natural Lamb Fillets
  • 2kg Freedom Farms Pork ribs


“More Meat”

However, other people obviously had heard about Ruby’s List. When I googled “pork spare ribs Freedom Farms” looking for a guide as to how long to cook my 2 kgs of spare ribs for, the Ruby’s List recipe for Chinese New Year Ribs featured at number one. I now know you should cook 1 kg of ribs for about 45 minutes.

I had my own marinade going on, so I didn’t follow their recipe for their own special marinade recipe. I did however appreciate the guide for cooking times. Ka pai. The meat-eaters in the house devoured these.

In fact all of the meals I made with my lovely Ruby’s List package were devoured. We had spare ribs one night, lamb with couscous and green beans another, a bolognaise sauce with pasta another night and for the  last night we had grilled lemony chicken breast. Two of my boys chanted “more meat” repeatedly at each of these meals. One of them doesn’t eat meat much at all, but that was okay because it meant


more for everyone else.

More about Ruby’s List

At Ruby’s List they specialise in stocking the finest meat possible and making it available on line. They aim to offer you “the best meat…..with the best range, the best value and the best service”. In fact they aim to ensure that:

Everything we stock is premium product and has been produced by folks who share our commitment to quality, environmental sustainability and ethical practices. That means animals that have not just been well looked after but are cage free, have taken dust baths, been able to frolic and been fed the kind of foods that nature intended. Whether free-range, pasture raised or free-farmed, our meat is sourced from cows, pigs, lamb, deer and poultry that have led good lives in clean, open air.

Ruby’s List deal for Munch followers:

Increasingly people are shopping more online, and I love that aspect of the Ruby’s List offering. Why not order your Christmas ham on-line? I know I will definitely be doing that!

In the meantime Ruby’s List is offering a great deal for our Munch followers. When you order over $100 dollars worth of their product at www.rubyslist.co.nz, you will receive a complimentary 500gm pack of Mahy Farms beef mince. All you need to do is put ‘MUNCH’ in the notes of your order to redeem this.


Mummy to three two small meat lovers and one with vegetarian tendencies…


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