Introducing the Munch Reusable Sandwich Wrap.

Considering the simplicity of their construction, sandwiches can be tricky beasts, especially when made in advance and carried to a school or office.

Use cling wrap and your sandwich will develop a slightly clammy feel; use tinfoil and it will be dry. Use wax paper and string and you’ll spend your evenings feeling you are trying to wrestle a cat into a tutu.

I agreed to review the Munch Reusable Sandwich Wrap in the hope that it would solve my sandwich protection dilemmas in an eco friendly, and very attractive way.

Munch Reusable Sandwich Wrap Review

Munch Reusable Sandwich Wrap Review

The Munch Reusable Sandwich Wrap is great for wrapping anything that is roughly square shaped; sandwiches, wraps cut in half, pita breads, rolls and bagels all fit snugly and can be safely installed into a lunchbox.

My son, always one to favour the theatrical, has fallen in love with our tester and now requests wraps for his school lunch rather than his previous staple of pasta. I suspect this is in part because the Munch Reusable Food & Sandwich Wrap lends a real sense of occasion to lunchtimes.

The combination of colourful design and easy close Velcro means that to all intents and purposes my son has the lunch equivalent of a birthday present to unwrap at school. The wipe clean inner transforms into a handy plate substitute once the sandwich has been unwrapped and come the end of the meal, the entire thing can be roughly folded and brought home for further use without leaving any waste.

The only limitation to the Munch Reusable Sandwich Wrap is that it wraps to a single size and shape. I’m not sure I know anyone who determinedly supplies their children with long, narrow lunches, but if you are one such parent, this might not be the product for you.

Grab yours today:

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Munch Reviewer, Tasha Batsford




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