I love Christmas time. I love Christmas trees, the smell of pine needles, giving presents, eating a lot of yummy food and spending time with the family. I love that we have a break from everyday life and often get the chance for a little holiday. I love Christmas. In this post we share a simple recipe for homemade Christmas mince pies and some other great Christmas recipes.

Mince pies 300

Homeamade Christmas mince pies

One thing I have only started to love recently is the Christmas mince pie. Did you know they taste better warmed up? I only learnt that recently. Anna has given me her recipe for easy home made Christmas mince pies.

Check out these amazing looking ones from my local Café Polo:

Christmas mince pies


Do you often walk past the Supermarket isle and see Christmas mince pies and  think gosh why not just buy them as they


take so long to make? Well, no they don’t! Check out our cheats recipe for Xmas mince pies.

For some other simple Christmas recipes  you could try making this simple Christmas Cake or our Cheat’s Christmas cookies.

You could also try these great recipes for your Christmas feasting: Watermelon and cucumber salad, or Strawberries and mousse.

Christmas mince pies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
For this recipe you will need a round cutter, star cutter, cupcake tins.
Recipe type: Christmas
Cuisine: Christmas
Serves: 15
  • Pre-rolled Edmonds sweet pastry sheets
  • Christmas mince meat (either bought or your own)
  1. Cut half of the pastry into circles and the other half into stars.
  2. Then put circles in tins and add one teaspoon of meat.
  3. Then put star on top of the mincemeat.
  4. Cook until pastry ready (around 10minutes)
  5. Sprinkle with icing sugar when cool.
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