This month I received a wonderful surprise in the post. Anna had signed me up to receive a monthly subscription to the My Care Pack Service. This month it was the Christmas Care pack and it included a selection of wonderful goodies. In this post we examine what the Care Pack mission is and what is in their December Care Pack.

How does it work? The idea is a simple one, you sign up to receive a box of goodies each month. It is an interesting concept – what they are providing their customers is the service of delivering a monthly surprise pack, not the physical product in the pack.  The pack products change each month in accordance with their monthly theme.

The Care Pack Mission

The Care Pack Mission is quite simple: to search out products that are safer, healthier and better for you, families and the environment. To then deliver them straight to your door taking the time, cost and stress out of living well. They are keen to promote New Zealand

made and therefore the majority of the Care Pack products are made by Kiwis.

Christmas Care Pack

The Christmas Care Pack was ripped open immediately on arrival. The three little boys helped me. It was filled with delights. Unfortunately the candy cane didn’t stand a chance I am afraid.

Introducing the Care Pack


Some of the other goodies in their December Care Pack lasted a little bit longer but not by much. The pack which included gluten free fruit pies, some deep dark plum relish, Christmas Fortune cookies, ice tea mix flavoured with hibiscus rose and strawberry and some Oasis sunscreen were all lovely little treats to receive.

Almost all the goodies were New Zealand made, a lot of them were gluten free and they were all delicious.

A regular care pack would be a great Christmas present for a loved one. For some other simple Christmas recipes and inspiration  you could try making this simple Christmas Cake or our Cheat’s Christmas cookies or some of these Homemade Christmas presents – Flavoured salts.


Mummy to three small pampered little boys

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