In this post we examine the wonderful initiative of the twelve days of New Zealand made Christmas which Munch is taking part in.  Munch Cupboard is being featured on Wednesday, which will be day 10 of the twelve day campaign.

Munch Cupboard has a selection of NZ made products and is a NZ Made business.

What is the twelve days of New Zealand made Christmas?

The Twelve Days of NZ Made Christmas portal is part of the wider Buy NZ Made movement. Use the “Shoppers” section search to find products that are New Zealand Made or the “Business” search to find the companies who make them.

New Zealand Made Christmas


What is New Zealand made Christmas?

New Zealand Made Christmas

Unlike Australian law, New Zealand does not specify exact proportions of material or labour content to determine if a product is NZ Made. So, working out if a product is NZ Made can be tricky. There is no precise formula which will prescribe exactly which products fit the bill.

Here are some guidelines and considerations for what constitutes New Zealand made:

  • For a clothing item, where is it actually changed from a fabric into a garment?
  • For a food item, where is the essential character of the food created?
  • For a manufactured product, is it substantially manufactured in New Zealand? Where was the critical componentry manufactured? Are any significant stages of manufacture carried out overseas?

Lots of stuff over at the Munch Cupboard is New Zealand Made, in particular why not try one of their lunch wraps or their nil wax wraps which were made here in Wellington. Or pop along to a local craft market for other hand made stuff.


Happy Christmas shopping friends! We hope you find stuff that is well made, and of use to your gift receiver. Ideally it would be NZ Made too!

For some other simple New Zealand made Christmas inspiration  you could try making this simple Christmas Cake or our Cheat’s Christmas cookies or some of these Homemade Christmas presents – Flavoured salts.


Mummy to three small boys who are vey excited about Christmas

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