When I received my monthly surprise package from My Care Pack I was really quite excited, as you can imagine. Knowing that I was getting another unknown package of treats (yet again) was still extremely exciting.

Don’t forget you have until the 20th of February to sign up for the March ‘Back To Work Essentials’ pack www.mycarepack.co.nz which will no doubt be a wonderful treat for working mums. Munch followers can get a 20 % discount too simply use one of these codes:

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The Long Weekend My Care Pack

The Long Weekend My Care Pack

Last month the Care Pack theme was fresh beginnings. This month it’s the Long Weekend My Care Pack and it was packed with wonderful goodies set to keep me going over a very long and luxurious weekend.

In this box of delights I received the following goody goodness:

The Anoint Moisture Bar – what can I say. A beautiful product that I had never heard of before. Thank you My Care Pack for widening my horizons! These are essentially moisturisers in a solid bar. Made with gorgeous things like Beeswax and coconut oil. Wrapped in pages from upcycled maps, sheet music, vintage fabric and discarded embellishments. A sensory experience on many levels.

Proper Crisps – good ole yummy kumara crisps. Let’s just say I snuck of into a corner and devoured these alone.

Urban Bakery’s White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookies – these met the same fate as the Proper Crisps. No-one else can confirm this but they were super yummy. I would definitely sneak these in the shopping trolley for me and hubby, these white choc and raspberry biscuits were proper biscuits. Just like home made.

The Honest Food Company’s Paleo Protein Bar – personally I am a little sceptical about some of the founding theories that the Paleo diet is based on. However, I do think that for me extra protein makes my body run better so I happily devoured this and it was yummy and very satisfying. And it was raw.

A copy of Good Magazine. What a beautiful magazine. You simply must have a read of a copy some time.

Red Seal’s Refresh Tea – a great idea here. Tea you can drink hot or cold. That said, coffee are tight, we go way back and we are usually inseparable on a long weekend. So I will save these for when my friends come over. Good news, they are sugar free herbals though.

The Long Weekend My Care Pack was lots of fun. I will definitely miss my monthly instalment of goodies, and will probably have to just get myself some soon. Or buy it as a gift for a friend or two.


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