Here’s a fun chapter book, Gingerbread Aliens, for your primary school-aged kids to revel in.

Gingerbread Aliens, by Australian author Sandra Bennet, is the surprising tale of how small things, like burning the baking for the school fete, can lead to big things, like scientists thinking they’ve unearthed an alien crash-landing at school.

My five-year-old devoured this tale with me, and told me at the end it was “a goodie”.  I think it would suit older kids too, up to about the age of eight.

The story centres around three brothers baking for their school fete – a common activity for school children everywhere. However, mishaps lead to accidents, which lead to cover-ups, which lead to a great story that I’m sure your children will be riveted by.

We loved the illustrations by Hayley Welsh, which brought the expressions of the three mischief-making brothers to life.

Gingerbread Aliens cover

Sadly, I’m not enamoured with the front cover artwork of Gingerbread Aliens, and wish it was done in the same style as the rest of the book, as I think people might overlook this little gem based on its cover.

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Review by Munch Mum Emma Abrahams of

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