In this post we share a product review of Caffesso capsules by mycoffeecapsules, which are a great alternative to Nespresso pods.

I have been a coffee person for a very long time. I have drunk many many cups since I had twins. I have even converted my cuppatealovin hubby into a coffee addict. We both like a lot of coffee in the mornings. Strong, quite milky and several cups for me. Fresh ground beans and prepared in a stove top machine or in a plunger.

That was until I met a Nespresso machine and became a complete convert. I loved it so much I took it on our five week holiday. Now I am a Nespresso-machine junky and the habit is (relatively) an expensive one.

Thankfully I have just found mycoffeecapsules and they offer a better-priced fix: just $7.50 for a pack of 10 capsules. My husband and I both enjoyed the Caffesso capsules which offer much better value than the original brand and a flat white which is just as good (perhaps even a little better) than the original brand!

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After trying my first Nespresso machine coffee last year I was a complete convert. So was my husband, after I randomly brought one on a Friday afternoon. In fact we went a bit bananas for our Nespresso machine. We took it on holiday with us. We made a ridiculous number of coffees with it.

Caffesso capsules by mycoffeecapsules

Anyway.. there is a down side to the Nespresso machine and that is the cost of the branded capsules. As you might imagine (coffee addiction x 2 adults x Nespre$$o coffee capsules = <money in the $hopping budget), I was dead keen to try out a lesser expensive option that promised the same “Nespresso” experience.



Caffesso pods are an alternative to branded Nespresso pods and are compatible with all models of Nespresso machines. Caffesso is available in boxes of 10 capsules. There are eight different blends ranging in intensity from the strong and potent Intenso to the milder Decaffeinato. Plus, something that you don’t get with original Nespresso capsules: a medley of all blends in a 10 capsule box (the Grande Gusto : see picture above).

Caffesso capsules actually contain 10 percent more coffee than most Nespresso pods and some of their blends have won awards in Europe. I found all of the blends in our pack were excellent and each pod delivered on its promise of the Nespresso experience: rich crema and fabulous aromas. I particularly loved their Lungo.

So if you love Nespresso but don’t love the price then save money on your Nespresso bills by using Caffesso instead.

Caffesso is available solely from which is awesome.

On a personal note, one thing I particularly like about is that is a local New Zealand business run by a lovely couple. They are based on Auckland’s North Shore and sell their products online so its easy to get hold of their great goods. Should you want to invest in your own Nespresso machine, they sell these too.

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