All right Mamas, if your kitchen is empty of Munch Squish Delish reusable food pouches, you want to be getting some now – as in today! Whatever you spend on these puppies, you will save in grocery costs – and then some. Go on, you know you want a Squish Delish reusable food pouch!

We use these ALL the time.

Our favourite use is to fill them with a super-nourishing smoothie and then freeze them.

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It takes three seconds in the morning for me to pop a frozen smoothie pouch in my daughter’s school lunchbox, where it keeps everything else cool while it defrosts enough for her to drink from the side spout at lunchtime.

Squish Delish 400 x 230

I can’t tell you how much stress it saves me to have these quick and easy lunchbox fillers ready to go every morning. I keep a stack of frozen smoothie pouches in the freezer at all times, which is why I recommend you get a few of them.

If we don’t want to wait for the smoothie pouch to defrost, we just eat it like an ice block by unzipping the top and pushing the block up.

My baby also loves eating these smoothie ice blocks, and points to the freezer where we keep them to tell me when he wants one.

These pouches are so durable and leak-proof that you could safely put one in your handbag as you head out of the house.

The only time we had a leak was when some smoothie got caught inside the zipper and I didn’t wipe it out before freezing, so it froze the zip back open. Avoid that mistake and you can feel safe enough to keep these pouches in your handbag with your wallet and phone.

Squish Delish 2

The pouches themselves are made of premium quality PVC-free, BPA-free and phthalate-free strengthened nylon with a touch zipper and side spout.

For initial use, rinse your pouch and stand it on your bench top. With the lid on the spout, squeeze the top open and pour, spoon or funnel food into the pouch. Fill to the spout level, leaving room to zip the top.

After use, soak in warm soapy water and scrub with a bottle-brush. Pouches are dishwasher safe on the top shelf, but not microwave safe.

Grab yours today!

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Review by Emma Abrahams
Author of Craving Fresh

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