In this post, eight year old Luca Bordignon reviews Henry’s Star by David Elliot. This book was published by Random House.

Henry’s Star by David Elliot

Henry’s Star by David Elliot

The book is about a whole bunch of animals that see their stars in the night sky. Henry the pig was the main character who saw the first pig star. He then told all the other animals about the stars that looked like a pig. Then all the other animals made up their own star animals. Henry the pig then got all muddled up because he started seeing stars that had ‘a sheeps ear next to a cow’s horn on a galloping horse’s body’. Five minutes later, Henry saw his own pig star again. He was going to tell the other animals again.

I like the way the pictures have been made by the scribbly outline. I also like how the white background has been used as a border for the pictures.  I also like the title as it has been made out of stars. I also like how on some

pages the words are written in white and on others the words are written in black. The length of the book is just right for kids. Not too long and not too short just perfect!

I loved connecting the stars. I like to memorise the sheeps ear next to a cow’s horn on a galloping horse’s body. The stars do really look like the pictures that the animals see in the sky.

It is a perfect book for kids under 9 years of age.

I recommend this book. The best picture book.

About the Author

Henry Stars author

David lives in Port Chalmers in the South Island of New Zealand. David had many jobs before he began writing children’s books. His jobs included being a dishwasher in Antarctica, a teacher, and even a gate keep at the zoo. In 2014 he was awarded the Storylines Margaret Mahy Award for his lifetime contribution to children’s literature.

This book was provided by Random House for a review by Munch Cooking. There was no money transacted for this review.

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