Once again this month I have been introduced to Munch reusable food wraps another eco-friendly alternative to replace my beloved Gladwrap.  I think the times may be a-changing.

At 7.15am Nix either eats his beloved oats for breakfast or has a smoothie and toast.  This means by 9am he is fully hungry – again – and ready to snack.  I prepare a bowl of fruit and nuts for him to pop on the coffee table or down on the ground where he is playing but inevitably he gets distracted and leaves leftovers.  They always get eaten for afternoon tea so I usually pop a layer of plastic wrap over the bowl and bring it out again after nap time.

Munch reusable food wraps

Munch have once again provided me with a 10/10 alternative to throwaway plastic wrap.  Their Baby Food Wraps are the perfect size to slip over Nixon’s snack bowl, seal and then roll up and reuse the following day – because every day around here requires at least one snack bowl of some description to keep the peace!

Munch reusable food wraps

OK, initially these wraps are weird feeling.  You take them off the roll and they’re stiff and waxy, but, the warmth of your hands softens the beeswax coating and molds it to fit the bowl or the food that you’re covering.  I have the 20 x 20cm size and it’s just perfect for covering up a ramekin or other small bowl suitable for a toddler or baby’s in-between-meal snacks.IMG_1088 copy

Once the wraps have softened, they feel lovely, substantial and worthy of reusing.  Made from cotton, organic NZ beeswax, propolis and jojoba oil, the wraps contain antibacterial and antifungal properties which is great right?  But they can also be washed by hand to use over and over again for up to 6 months after which they biodegrade!  Yay Munch!

Grab yours here:[shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”munch-nz.myshopify.com” product_handle=”munch-food-wrap-med-twin” show=”all”]

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