Have you struck this problem in your home? You want kid-friendly crockery that won’t shatter when the spills and drops undoubtedly happen, but the options available in store all seem to be plastic or melamine abominations that you just know are going to end up as landfill, after first leaching goodness-knows-what into your kids’ food.

It’s enough to do your head in.

BecoFeeding set review

But that’s the lovely thing about this Internet age we live in. We’re not confined to purchase from our local stores, or even our own country. If businesses create amazing eco-friendly, health-friendly products on the other side of the world, we can get them sent here.

BecoFeeding set review

UK business BecoThings is one such company, dedicated to creating fun and eco-friendly products for families.

Our family has been testing out the BecoFeeding Set, which is lovely and vibrant, with fun shapes that are easy for my kids to hold and use. We’ve


only got the one set at the moment, so I have to be very judicious about who gets to use what when, or it’s clash of the clan over here.

The feeding set includes a plate, bowl and cup made out of a plastic replacement formed from bamboo and rice husks mixed with a resin. This unique blend allows the material to break down when left in warm damp conditions for a long period of time.

So even though these products can go through the dishwasher no trouble, they are also fully biodegradable if left in a compost pile for two to three years. Eco-genius!

I highly recommend the BecoFeeding Set if you’re looking for something fun, safe durable and biodegradable for your children to eat off.

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Review by Emma Abrahams
Author of Craving Fresh

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