True story. I have not had to use plastic cling-wrap in my daughter’s lunchbox at all this year, because of the clever Munch reusable sandwich wraps and bags I’ve been popping her sandwiches into instead.

Munch reusable sandwich wraps and bags are NZ-made with a 100%-cotton outer and a waterproof inner. They are reusable and free from lead, phthalates and BPA.

Munch reusable sandwich wraps and bags

The wraps come in two sizes: one is a sandwich wrap, which is a 37cm diameter folding into a 14cm x 17cm square; the other is a 19cm x 10cm sandwich bag.

I’ve managed to fit sandwiches into the baggie too, by cutting the crusts off, but it’s mostly designed for smaller items like carrots sticks and baking.

I’m a big fan of choosing reusable items wherever possible, to save money and reduce the amount of non-biodegradable items going to landfills. These wraps are right up my alley.

The handy thing about using these wraps instead of my other reusable option of a plastic sandwich container is that the wraps are malleable and don’t take up as much room in my daughter’s lunchbox, so I can always squeeze her ham and cucumber sandwich on top of a frozen smoothie pouch to keep the ham fresh.

They look super cute too, and there are loads of different fabrics to choose from.

When my daughter’s lunchbox comes home from school I just rinse the Munch reusable sandwich wraps and bags out with hot soapy water and then hang it over the dish drainer to dry. It’s ready to use again the next morning.

Head over to to purchase a set for your family.


Review by Emma Abrahams
Author of Craving Fresh

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