Being able to accommodate children with allergies is something we should all be able to work towards. But with an increasing number of children being allergic to all number of things it can make it tricky to make what you would normally make for lunchboxes. However, it is definitely achieveable. In this post I share with you how I have embraced the natural egg replace No Egg. You can use in cooking for people with egg allergies.

For an excellent resource on all things allergy, check out the Allergy NZ website.

Since starting at Playcentre with my two younger boys I have been able to do lots of cooking on session with a wide range of kids. But what about baking with kids with allergies? At Playcentre we try to be as inclusive as possible which means accounting for all allergies present and creating something that everyone can eat. Sometimes this can be quite tricky when there are a lot of different allergies to navigate. Playcentre aims to be inclusive and allow children with allergies are able to participate in the same educational and recreational activities as their egg natural egg replacer


No egg natural egg replacer

One thing we never use at our centre is eggs and I am delighted to share with you that I am a complete convert to Organs No Egg, which is gluten free. I truly love this stuff. I have made all sorts of things with over the last two years and have never noticed any difference in quality of the end product. In fact I love it so much I have it in my own pantry now so I am never out of eggs when I suddenly want to bake.

Please note  this is not a product review. I just want to share the joy of no egg natural egg replacer.

For ideas on other ways to substitute eggs check out this post.


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