Linseed, Sunflower and Almond ground together is often referred to as LSA. It has a sweet nutty flavour and I think it is quite delicious and extremely good for you.

Linseed, Sunflower and Almond or LSA is often recommended as part of a liver cleansing diet, but can be used more widely as its an easy way to pack your families diet with essential nutrients. This is because LSA is an excellent source of:

  • protein
  • fibre
  • omega 3, 6 and 9 (essential fatty acids)
  • vitamins A, E, D, B1 and B2, B5
  • magnesium
  • manganese
  • calcium
  • phosphorus
  • potassium
  • selenium
  • copper
  • zinc.

Ways to eat more Linseed, Sunflower and Almond

LSA is really easy to incorporate into your diet, too. I put a heaped spoon into our porridge. The kids don’t notice and I love the extra dimension it adds to the flavour.

There are many other ways to incorporate this truckload of goodness into your diet. It can be sprinkled over cereal, mixed into yogurt, and smoothies. You could sprinkle it onto salads, sandwiches and slices cheese or fruit.

LSA can be added to baking such as cakes, muffins, fruit crumbles and bread, although heating it will effect some of the nutrient value.

LSA should ideally be refrigerated to ensure the essential fatty acids remain at their best – ie so it doesn’t go off. You should be able to get LSA at your local supermarket, and like many things, organic is best if your budget can stretch to it.

My favourite LSA is the Healtheries one as it comes in a resealable pouch.

Want to know more about great and healthy seeds? Why not read this post chia seeds – how to use. For a recipe that includes LSA why not try these yummy plum tarts.

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