I am a busy working mum with two small boys. Before having children I prided myself on being well organised and always left the house in a calm composed manner. Two children later and mornings are generally total chaos, trying to get everyone changed, feed, and out the door more or less in one piece. Trying to find bowls, plates and cutlery, especially those that are toddler friendly always seems to be a mission….let alone having such products which are eco-friendly AND healthy (not more plastic).

Enter the Munch Eco Hero Feeding Set

Eco hero

This has everything I need to feed my toddler and can be easily stacked together so it is all in one place. The Munch Eco Hero Feeding set comes with a cup with handles, a plate, bowl, non-stick mat, and a fork and spoon carefully designed for little mouths. To top it all off, everything is made from 100% natural, biodegradable products yet is dishwasher safe.

My favourite feature of this feeding set is the plate which also acts as a top for the bowl. When I am trying to be organised (emphasis on trying), I will often prepare our toddlers food and have it waiting. Now I have something to easily cover the food which then flips into a plate, helpful for cooling food quickly and since when is one bowl ever enough for a toddler? My youngest will be starting solids very soon and the Munch Eco Hero Feeding set is going to be extremely helpful…I will just need two of them.

A product that not only saves me time and stress, helps to get children feed fast and is eco-friendly is a true hero in my books!!

The Munch Eco Hero feeding set would be a perfect gift for a baby shower, a mum with a new baby or even a 1st birthday party. My eldest son is nearly three so actually, make that a great two year old and three year old party gift too. I love this product so much that I am now selling it from my website (click here!) and the best part – it is delivered straight to your door (my kind of shopping).

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Reviewed by Julie Bhosale,
The New Mum’s Nutritionist

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