Kids absolutely love cooking, so why not start these holidays off with some cooking with your kids. We can help too, here is a collection of easy recipes that are great to make with at home with your kids.

Here are our five favourite recipes for cooking with your kids:

Benefits of cooking with your kids

Cooking with your kids has such a wide range of learning opportunities bundled up into it. Baking or cooking with new foods may lead to your child being more willing to at least try a new food. Often kids may be more open to trying something they had a hand in making. Your little ones can also learn, practice and develop new skills when they are baking with you. Some of the benefits for them from cooking or baking with children may include:

  • Language development, particulary vocabulary – names of foods, cooking terms, procedural language
  • Following directions – single and multi-step directions
  • Sequencing skills – following the steps in the directions, retelling the sequence of steps
  • Fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination – stirring, pouring, mashing, cutting soft objects
  • Social interactions: feelings of pride and a sense of accomplishment, following directions, turn-taking, participation
  • Science knowledge – change of state from liquid to solid, heating and cooling, dissolving
  • Math language and skills– more, less, measuring, counting


Mummy to three small chefs

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