Starting solids is often a very exciting time in the journey of motherhood. There is something incredibly joyful about making your little munchkins food for the first time. In the swing of life however, making baby food can quickly become a challenge especially when there is a lot of experimenting (aka mess) happening. As a qualified nutritionist I do encourage mums to make their own baby food and I can hand on heart say the Munch Baby Feeding Tray is the must-have product to help make this process easy and stress free! I am so grateful to have come across these trays just in time for our youngest son to start his journey into eating real food.

Munch Feeding Tray 400 x 500

Making up a big batch of puree or soft foods and freezing this for later will be one of your time saving tricks and the Munch Feeding Tray is the perfect storage solution. No more rummaging around trying to find little containers or discovering cracked plastic has resulted in freezer burn. This tray is free of nasty chemicals and made from high quality food-grade silicone, which is firm enough to hold purees. Simply pour your homemade food in the compartments (which are about a ¼ of a cup size), click the lid on and place in the freezer. When it is time just take the lid off, push the bottom up and out pops a perfect portion all ready to go. How easy is that?

The life of the Munch Baby Feeding Tray lasts for long past the baby food stage, this multifunctional product can also be used for baking healthy mini muffins, makes for a brilliant toddler snack box and is perfect for storing liquids like stocks and homemade soups. It is completely safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer. You really could not ask for a more useful product!

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Reviewed by Dr Julie Bhosale,


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