The National Multiple Birth Conference 2015 will be held in Wellington this year from 2-4 October. The theme of the conference is Wellness and the exciting programme offers renowned keynote speakers, a series of challenging, thought provoking workshops and the opportunity to learn more about keeping well within the multiples community.

Keeping well is a vital component to being an effective parent, family member, employee and functional member of society.  Having twins, triplets and more is a unique and challenging experience.  The theme for the 2015 conference centres around these hurdles, in the areas of personal wellness and health, parenting skills and challenges such as sleep, physical wellbeing and being effective in our roles as volunteers and employees.  The line up covers a spectrum of topics ranging from best practice management of multiple pregnancies, the role of genes, top technology tips for optimising your club effectiveness and achieving that elusive work/life balance.

This conference is open to all carers of multiples, committee members of multiple birth clubs, nurses, midwives, basically anybody who has an interest in the care and support of multiples and their families. There are a wide range of registration options so there is sure to be one that suits your needs.

Keynotes: Dr Emma Parry and Dr Jeff Craig

In 2010 Emma was awarded the Next magazine Woman of the Year for her work in the area of development of Maternity Services, having set up the New Zealand Maternal Fetal Medicine Network and introducing the latest treatment for Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome to New Zealand.

Her keynote address will focus on “How am I going to manage?” Strategies for coping with motherhood, complex pregnancy and life after birthing multiples.

Dr Jeff Craig leads the Early Life Epigenetic Research Group at the Murdoch Children’s’ Research Institute and Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne. Dr Craig is also an internationally recognised expert on twins and works closely with the Australian Twin Registry, and sits on the management team as Deputy Director.

His keynote address will focus on “What makes multiples different?” Is it nature or nurture or both? The answer lies in epi-genetics! The rest of the conference programme is awesome, we know you will love it. We have something to suit all attendees.

Multiple Birth Conference – registration options

There are a range of registration options and our registrations are closing soon.  It is really simple to register for this awesome event over at the NZMBA website. If you can’t make the full weekend, there is sure to be a registration option that suits you.

Multiple Birth Conference 2015

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This event is brought to you by volunteers from the Wellington, Hutt Valley and Kapi-Mana multiple birth clubs, in partnership with NZMBA. Keep up to date with conference news on the fan page, or you can email the organising team on


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