Our new range of Munch lunch coolers are an excellent innovation for the litterless lunch box! They are designed to keep lunches cold. They are fantastically fun too, decorated with the cutest images. You can choose from three great designs: bumble bees, fruity fun or lizard designs. Your kids will love them.

We know that you will love our new Munch lunch coolers too because they are practical, safe and multi-functional. They are made with a non toxic gel, and are BPA free as well as being FDA approved. And you can use them either cold or hot.

Munch lunch coolers well designed

We have designed our Munch lunch coolers be both slim and flexible so that they can fit into any litter-less lunchbox. And you get two in a pack, so you can always have a cold one at hand. These are great to use with other Munch Cupboard products.

Lunchcooler set

They are also super easy to clean, you just wipe these clean. Mums you know that it’s great to have no corners or cracks to collect grime in!

Use Munch lunch coolers hot or cold

The Munch lunch coolers can be used as a cold and a hot pack. To use as a cold pack to keep lunchboxes fresh and cool just put in the freezer for an hour and then pop into your lunchbox and it will keep cool for up to 5 hours.

To use as a hot pack for bumps, bruises, toothache and fevers just put in hot water for 7 minutes or 30 seconds in a 600w microwave. Recommended to cover with a wrap before putting on skin when using as a hot pack. To clean just wipe down. The soft flexible gel ice pack is made from NON toxic, BPA free material.

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