In this post we review two beautiful books from Book Island – The Big Question and Mr Miniscule and the Whale.

The Big Question

Reviewed by Kristy Wilson

By Leen van den Berg and illustrated by Kaatje Vermeire

Elephant has been thinking.  She has a difficult question that she doesn’t know the answer to.  How do you know when you love someone?

Beautiful books from Book Island The Big Question

Fortunately, the Annual Meeting is about to begin, so she asks her friends if they know the answer. Mouse, Snow White, Stone, the sea, the clouds, Apple Tree, the Explorer, Polar bear, the Sun, Grandma and the little girl all share their interpretation of love.

Everyone has an opinion, except busy Ant, who has finally had a chance to chair the meeting and get ahead.  Elephant begins to understand the answer but does Ant?

This Large, hard cover picture book is whimsically illustrated with visual magic overflowing on every page.  Although the pictures will captivate anyone, the amount of text and abstract concepts are more suitable to school age children.  This book will get you talking and thinking.  What does love mean to you?

Mr Miniscule and the Whale

Reviewed by Kristy Wilson

By Julian Tuwim and illustrated by Bohdan Butenko, translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones

This book was originally written in the 1950s in Polish and its rhyming text has now been translated into English.  It is no mean feat to translate a long rhyming tale that flows and still captures the essence of the story.  Just as it is no mean feat for tiny Mr Miniscule to accomplish the last thing on his wish list – to see a big blue whale.

Beautiful books by Book Island

This amusing book will captivate children as they journey with the coffee bean sized explorer Mr Miniscule, to see if he can finally find a whale.  Will he come home disappointed or will he get more than he bargained for?  Enjoy the expedition with the simple yet delightful pictures coloured only in blue and yellow that adds to the quirkiness of the whole adventure.

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