You know when you use a baby product every single day, you are on to a winner! I feel like the beautiful Munch natural wooden baby teething necklace was made just for a baby like ours in mind.

Our youngest son (now 9 months old) is a koala baby. By this I mean he is most happy in our arms and enjoys (umm insists) being carried or cuddled most of the day… hence his affectionately given nickname “Smushie”. He has a mouth full of teeth coming through right now which has caused him a lot of discomfort. Teething can affect some babies more than others and our Smushie has definitely lucked out in this department.

The swollen sore gums which come from teething occur just before a tooth breaks through and can be eased from having something firm to bite on. The natural wooden necklace, full of different textures and shapes is just perfect. When Smushie is sitting on my lap (which is constantly) he has something to explore and chomp on, which covered with soft fabric to help

ease those painful gums without the use of medicine, gels or more plastic-fantastic. Not to mention, the playful pennant holds his fascination for a long period of time and prevents him trying to grab at other less appropriate objects…thinking of the numerous times I have quickly shoved a coffee mug out of reach from those little hands!

Munch natural wooden baby teething necklace

The Munch natural wooden baby teething necklace is so easy to take out and about with you, easily slipping into your hand bag or nappy bag. It is made with neutral colors and you can totally rock it with any outfit from your yoga pants to work wear; I have worn this necklace, baby on hip to a work meeting (#rockingit).

Natural Wooden Baby Teething Necklace

So if you have a teething monkey like our Smushie, or are looking for a really thoughtful baby shower gift…be sure to add the beautiful Munch Natural Wooden Teething Necklaces into your online shopping cart today.

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Reviewed by Dr Julie Bhosale,
The New Mum’s Nutritionist

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