With the weather getting better and better by the day, what better way to enjoy family meal times than a BBQ dinner enjoyed outdoors?

Wellington’s weather doesn’t always lend itself to outdoor living though. Sometimes I have to throw together a family BBQ at short notice to make the most of an unexpected pocket of lovely weather. I find it handy to have some go-to salad and vegetable recipes for a quick salad and vegetable fix that works well with a BBQ and that the whole family will enjoy.

Chargrilled vegetables are a great quick fix for the BBQ season, and very easy to pull together at the last minute. Another quick and easy salad recipe is my Chicken and pesto picnic pasta salad recipe and my Black


bean, corn and tomato salad.

How to grill vegetables on the BBQ

Most vegetables take less than ten minutes to cook on a BBQ. Sweetcorn , capsicums, asparagus, eggplant and mushrooms are some of my favourites on the BBQ.

How to grill vegetables on the BBQ - Chargrilled capsicums

Most vegetables cook better and are less likely to stick if they are brushed lightly with cooking oil. For extra flavour, sprinkle grilled vegetables with your favourite seasonings, fresh herbs or lemon zest.

BBQ dinner with salad and chargrilled veg

If you want to be adventurous then marinade your vegetables before you grill them. The dressing below makes a great vegetable marinade. If you have time, marinade your vegetables for at least half an hour before cooking. Or you could simply baste the vegetables with a marinade as they cook.

Mummy to three small boys


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