I received the Eco Hero sippy cup by Munch to review and instantly I was impressed with the packaging. It is reasonably lightweight and my 18 month old took to drinking from it with great ease. When I first placed the cup in front of him, he simply looked at it, picked it up by the handle and started drinking.

Eco Hero Sippy Cup

I have found the cup is practical and appealing for children, with the red soft silicone spout, and the picture of the bee is rather cute and my Son likes to point at it.

It will be a good cup to use for transitioning from bottles to a sippy cup. The lid promotes natural drinking habit and healthy oral development and is leak resistant. This is a huge bonus for me, as my Son has decided several times to throw it onto the carpeted floor. Fortunately the lid stayed on, so no puddles on the carpet!

At first I was worried the lid wouldn’t stay on as it doesn’t ‘clip’ on, but it does fit rather snugly into the cup. No fighting to get the lid off. I have had many struggles trying to get a lid off a sippy cup and covered myself in water in the process. And it will be good to use as a cup when my son no longer needs to drink from the lid.

It washes well, and is suitable for the dishwasher or you can wash it by hand if you prefer. I have done both, just depends what you prefer.

Munch Loves Eco Hero Sippy Cup

I would be hesitant to put this cup in his bag or a nappy bag. I would worry the lid would come off and we would have a wet mess. I’ll use it for home or taking away as an extra cup.  Water could always be added to the cup when we are out and about.

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Reviewed by Stacey Smith
Crafty Organised Me

Munch Eco Hero Sippy Cup

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