It’s always fun receiving a package and watching your kids open it with excitement. ‘This is not for you guys’, I tell my two boys.  “But Mum, I want to be an Eco hero too”, my four year old says.

My baby girl is growing up, and even as a Mum of three I still find it wonderful to watch my little one experience new things for the first time.

The Eco Hero Sippy cup is one of those things.

The Eco Hero Sippy cup

It’s a sippy cup designed for babies and toddlers.  The first thing I look for in a product is its quality, sustainability and functionality. The Eco Hero Sippy cup meets all of my criteria.

Munch Loves Eco Hero Sippy Cup

The Eco Hero Sippy Cup

I love how this product is BPA free and wait for it… it is made from rice husk fibre so it is biodegradable and when we’re finished with the cup it will decompose in our compost. Now that will be a fun for the big boys to observe. They will be watching and waiting to use the Eco hero soil for sure! So I just had to take a picture on our compost!

When I gave the Eco Hero sippy cup to my 9 month old, she found it quite amazing and was very proud of her self when she held the side handle and drunk from it. She did get a little surprise when the water came easily out of the top and she did not have to suck hard to get any water.  We’ve practiced baby led weaning with Lexi so this seems the right cup of choice as I think it lends it self to self-feeding/drinking and greater independence, something I like to promote with her.

I particularly like that she does not have to suck really hard to get water, like babies have to do with a lot of sippy cups. I think the soft spout promotes natural drinking and healthy oral development. Yes, if the cup gets tipped over water will come out but this does not faze me.  Lexi got used to it quickly and again, I think it teaches her the transition from this to when she has a cup. It is real life that if you tip a cup water spills.

Baby cup side

I like how when she gets a bit bigger we can take off the lid and it can be her big girl cup. I’m not a mum that thinks everything has to be pink or blue. I like the bumble bee design. It’s gender neutral and natural looking. I also like that it does not look like a baby drink bottle.

To sum it up, I like the Eco Hero sippy cup.  It ticks all my boxes, Lexi seems to like it and is mastering the art of drinking out of it which makes her feel a bit clever. I don’t know about you, but I like products that are free of any chemicals and are kind on baby and the environment. I also like to support good people in local business.

Click on the link below to go to the Munch Made Page. It’s a goodie.

There by line sums it up –  Useful, beautiful and green.

Happy hydrating Mamas and Papas!

Coryn from Nourish Me.

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