Sebastian is now past the teething stage however, with baby number two on the way that means another set of 24 little chompers will be making themselves known to our household over the next few years. And if there is one thing I am certain of… anything, absolutely anything (especially at 2 o’clock in the morning) that can make the teething process easier for your little munchkin is a win in my books; especially if it’s NATURAL!

Natural Wooden Baby Teething Necklace reviewed by Lydia

So, you can imagine my Mummy excitement when recently I was sent a Natural Wooden Baby Teething Necklace straight from the Munch Cupboard with both myself and Lil Gooseberry (baby #2) in mind. I love that I have now added an accessory to my wardrobe that is both stylish and yet practical. The neutral colour palate with a pop of yellow means it will go with so many outfits and I can definitely see me wearing it ALL. THE. TIME.

As for Lil Gooseberry, how can they not love something they can play with and stick in their mouth, because lets be honest, when they are teething that is where EVRYTHING ends up.

Natural Wooden Baby Teething Necklace review

Teething can be hard at the best of times.. think sore, swollen, inflamed gums and plenty of discomfort while those teeth make their way through. This ‘Natural Wooden Teething Necklace’ is perfect as it’s soft, stimulating texture soothes the pain teething, naturally, without the need for gels, tablets or medicine and the soft pressure on your little ones gums can help to soothe some of the discomfort.

Favourite things about wooden teething necklace

I love the fact the use of this necklace can start well before those teeth even think about making an appearance, they are the perfect feeding (breast or bottle) necklace, distracting your little ones from your cup of coffee or strands of your hair; I mean how many times have you wished those little fingers weren’t pulling at strands of your hair?! This necklace replaces the need for other teething toys and is perfect for Mums on the go as keeps little fingers and hands busy and calm while looking and feeling stylish.

If your a Mum of a little one (teething or not); or know a Mum of a little one (again, teething or not), you should get your hands on one of these today. This baby teething necklace is stylish, natural, useful and makes the perfect gift, so go on, pop one in your shopping cart!

Grab yours today:

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Reviewed by Lydia
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