My twin five year old boys have always loved painting since they started Playcentre at 16 months old. And they still love it now at five.

I know from experience that paint can get everywhere, and that often it ends up in little ones mouths. As a parent, there are two key  things you want to know when you are buying paints for your kids are:

1 Can they eat it?
2 Will it wash off the walls and their new jeans?

The new Educational Colours range answers both those questions with a big YES.


The new Educational Colours paints are water based, washable and non toxic. Apparently you can actually eat them as they have nothing bad in them.


Luckily my boys are past the eating it stage, but they are not quite past the painting anything and everything they see stage… so easy to wash off and wash out is still at a premium in our household. We now paint outdoors mostly so they can paint like Picasso or Pollock and I don’t get too stressed by it all. We found cleaning up the Educational Colours paints range was definitely simple, with all of the paints washing out easily with water. Phew.

Christmas wrapping paper with Educational Colours

I had been saving my selection of Educational Colours paints, brushes, and stamps sent to me to review for a special painting session with the boys. I had wanted to do a special school holiday-Christmas activity with them.

I was inspired by this video to make Christmas Wrapping paper. I had a visions of presents lovingly wrapped in homemade Christmas wrapping paper.

When I tried to create Christmas wrapping paper with them over the weekend it didn’t go to plan. I had high expectations, which is never a great place to start. Karen over at Mummy Do It did it so much better. You can see her DIY Wrapping Paper post for how to really do it.

Meanwhile at our house, my Christmas tree potato stamp was a failure.  And the kids had other creative ideas and inspiration, surprisingly, once they got their mits on the paints. They still had an awesome time and the paints and accessories were really great quality.


Our playhouse is being painted sporadically this summer by all three kids. It is a work in progress.


This project was more appealing for the 8 year old than making Christmas paper. The twins having recently started school had a whole pile of stuff they had to share with me about how you do craft at school. So no wrapping paper was created. Although William painted this beautiful sparkly Christmas tree.

New Educational Colours Range

We have learnt not to paint the floor of the playhouse so that our feet don’t get covered in paint.

I also learnt to keep the spray cans up high (I was spraying photo frames for revamped Christmas pressies). We nearly had the phrase “I like big butts, and I can not lie” permanently tagged on our back fence. Culprit caught at “I like b”.. And yes that is a whole other story…

I like big butts



The Educational Colours range of colours are amazing, so many different shades and the glitter paint is particularly fun. Every kid loves glitter paint. The glitter range also uses plastic glitter rather than foil, so it’s is safe on eyes and also safe if it is ingested. This is my glitter rainbow! The children were very proud of me, insisting they put my name on it.


The range is made in Australia and mixed by a qualified Chemist, and Australian water, they can be batch traced even which is good to know in this day and age.

In fact Educational Colours has been a market leading range for over 35 years in Australia and Internationally, they are now available on New Zealand shelves. Check out Paper Plus, Baby Factory, Mighty Ape and other leading retailers and don’t forget to add it to your little ones Christmas Wish List.

Mummy to three Jackson Pollocks!

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