If you’re looking for meal ideas to take to new parents or to share at potluck dinners, One-dish Dinners, by Penny Oliver is a recipe book worth checking out. One-dish Dinners 500 x 400


One-dish Dinners features soups, stews, casseroles, pies, pizzas, salads, curries, pasta dishes and desserts, all with a gourmet twist.

I’ve been particularly taken with the Moroccan Lamb Shank recipe, and made it several times.  I’ve also enjoyed the Poached Chicken Salad recipe, with its fragrant Thai dressing. I shared that one with a friend for lunch, and it felt good enough to be eaten in a café.

One thing I feel the book is missing, is a hints or tips comment with each recipe, explaining where to find specialty ingredients and giving recipe variations, as the recipes do often feature gourmet ingredients that you might not find at your supermarket, or know how to use. For example, the Poached Chicken Salad recipe contains blanched snow peas, but doesn’t give instructions on how to blanch them.

Overall though, I enjoyed perusing the pages of this book and coming up with dinner ideas from it. It has added variation in my pantry and at meal times, which is something I’m always looking for.

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Review by Emma Abrahams,
Author of Craving Fresh

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