SO in the middle of last year when I was asked to review some VNO wines, I kind of went “um I’m not sure, maybe not” ….

I had been on a significant diet and the easiest thing to do to reduce calorific intake was to stop drinking wine. I know. What a bore. But after a while it became a bit of thing. It got easier and then funnily enough I changed my habits completely. Suddenly I was definitely a woman who didn’t drink much. Eventually my husband stopped asking if I wanted a wine with my dinner. I only drank occasionally, and only if we were socialising with other people – and with four year old twins and an eight year old there wasn’t much of that.

Probably a good thing, as I have in the past often been a woman who drank a little bit too regularly. It’s how we cope sometimes. It’s a friend, a relaxer and a habit. And its just convivial. Everyone does it. We all like to quaff a glass or two.

VNO Wines are skinny and smart

Anyway, eventually I said okay lets have some free wine to try because I’m not completely crazy. And you know what, I am so glad I did because the VNO range of wines were really great. In fact I think I preferred the skinny Pinot Gris to the full fat version. It was very drinkable – yes I quaffed it.

VNOs wines are skinny and smart

In fact the day my box of wine of delicious VNO wines arrived a selection went straight in the fridge. Co-incidentally I was having six other mums over that night. The stars had aligned. They ALL have twins, they all work their buts off in a volunteer capacity, they were all amazing and they all deserved at least one glass of wine (or two for those not driving).

The skinny/low alcohol wines were really appreciated by the mums who had to drive. I only had to walk down the hall to get to bed so I was able to road test VNO Wines widely. My favourites were the skinny rose and the skinny pinot gris. Perfect pours for summer.. You should definitely try some. One of my drinking companions professed to already being an avid VNO fan…

And not only are VNO Wines skinny, they are also smart. What on earth am I talking about you may so rightly ask? Well, so when the wine a VNO wine bottle is at its optimum drinking temperature, the “intelligent label” turns blue. Those squiggly blue lines at the base of the label are not visible unless the wine is currently at its ideal drinking temperature. How amazing is that? No thinking required.

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