Philippa Murphy is a mother, the founder and director of BabyCues and a leading postnatal educator, both in New Zealand and Internationally. With twenty years experience in this field, Philippa specialises in teaching parents how to nurture their baby alongside nature’s biological gifts, writing about this in her self-help parenting bookBabyCues. She believes that this philosophy, and her proven original findings and practical techniques, naturally prevent and remedy colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload. Her term for this is Digestive Overload, which can be the cause of these behaviours.

Review of BabyCues

“My husband felt that our little boy was a science experiment with the number of remedies we had tried on him to no success.  However, I still felt the need to try one more possible solution and when the lady at the pharmacy suggested Philippa and her methods from BabyCues, I decided to give them ago. The strategies and techniques helped immensely and our little boy progressively became settled, calm and started to sleep through the night without waking in pain. His digestion functioned better and wind became manageable. My only wish is that I found BabyCues sooner rather than at four months as it would have saved our baby a world of pain, given us more sleep, and decreased the stress, worry and frustration we felt with not being able to help our boy. As a mother and a social worker who deals daily with the results of stressed out parents, I highly recommend Philippa’s book, BabyCues – Nurture with Nature.”

Kelly Prince, Social worker and mother

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Philippa also offers skype and an in-house consultations. This is a recipe from her blog which is great for babies who are just starting out on solids.

Home made baby cereal
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2 cups
  • ½ cup of brown organic rice
  • 2 cups of water
  1. Blend the rice in a blender until it is a powder.
  2. Add the water to the powdered rice in a pot.
  3. Place on the heat and bring to boil while stirring constantly
  4. Turn the heat down and simmer until your mixture is cream.
  5. Serve to one happy baby.
Mummy to three small boys


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