If you are going to spend time and energy creating healthy lunch boxes for your kids, you want them to come home empty! Here are our five Munch lunchbox ideas and top tips that will get your kids gobbling down their lunches and make their lunch boxes the envy of the class.

Munch lunchbox ideas and top tips

Here are what we consider to be the five best lunchbox ideas from Munch.

Variety is the spice of life

We all like a bit of variety in what we eat, so try and mix up the foods you give your kids over the week. Try out different breads (bagels, wraps, pita bread) to make a change from their usual sandwich. For a complete change from bread based lunches you could swap them for fritters, muffins, sushi, pasties, mini home-made pizzas, rice paper rolls, mini quiches, frittatas or pasta salads. I find making things specifically to stock up the freezer helps me offer a variety of things in our lunch boxes. Muffins, loaves, croissants and bread rolls all freeze well.

Munch Lunchbox ideas

Make it easy to get at

Not only is glad wrap really bad for the environment, little fingers find it really hard to unwrap. Most schools only have a maximum of 15 – 20 minutes of enforced eating time at school before the play bell goes and they rush off to an activity or race around. You want to maximise their eating time so opt for reusable containers or lunch boxes with compartments, that keep the food fresh but readily accessible. Add a munch lunchbox cooler too or freeze a water bottle to keep their food as fresh as possible.


Munch lunchbox ideas and top tipsGet your kids involved

Mornings are a hectic time in most families with everyone busy getting ready for the day ahead but it is definitely worth the time to get a family


routine of making lunches together. Kids are much more likely to eat something they have made themselves. It is also a great way to give them some extra independence and help them develop some time management skills. Your kids will be more likely to eat their own delicious creations and research shows that kids who are involved in preparing healthy food are more likely to go on to be adults who make healthy choices. If your kids are preschoolers there is no reason why you can’t get them involved by giving them a this or that healthy option choice before you make their lunch.

Make it appealing to your child

If your child won’t eat something at home they are not going to suddenly start eating it at preschool or school so choose foods that you know they are going to eat. Cut their sandwiches, cheese and even watermelon into interesting shapes. I have a whole drawer now full of shape cutters. My boys love to choose the shapes used in their lunch boxes.


Make it colourful

By having a range of colours in you kids lunch box you will know you have given them a great variety of vitamins and minerals. Colourful food is also more appealing to kids. Here are some colourful finger food ideas, ideal for morning tea or lunch that require minimal preparation:

  • carrot, cucumber or capsicum sticks with hummus or tzatziki
  • watermelon shapes or slices
  • grapes
  • berries
  • cherry tomatoes
  • sweetcorn fritters
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • fruit slices and yoghurt dip

I hope that some of these great lunchbox ideas are of use to you, and if you have any of your own great lunchbox ideas to share, do get in touch.

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