Although my kids are now all at school, I still have the pleasure of looking after smaller children. I am way more likely to be multi-tasking these days, so a carrier of some sort is essential. I was lucky enough to get to try out an I-Angel Hip Seat Carrier recently.

I can tell you that the I-Angel Hip Seat Carrier have a really great design so they are really, really comfortable to wear. I can see why this carrier won Gold for most innovative product from  The Dads 2015.

I Angel Hip-Seat Carriers are now available in New Zealand for the first time.

These carriers are not just for babies either, you can carry kids up to around 36 months or 20 kg weight. This is great for cities like Wellington, where there are lots of hills and tiny footpaths to navigate at times.

How to use an I-Angel Hip Seat Carrier

First of all let me mention that an I-Angel Hip seat Carrier is really easy to put on.

The full carrier can be worn on your front, with the child either forward or outward facing, or on your back. This is also great, you can switch depending on where you are going, how long you are planning to carry your child and also based on preference. Win win.

This video shows it way better than I can describe it so you should definitely check this very brief video clip out.

Design features of the I Angel Hip-Seat Carrier

These carriers are aimed at the premium end of the market. They are ergonomically designed so that your child’s weight is distributed evenly allowing you to carry your baby or child for longer.

They key design element in my view of the I Angel Hip-Seat Carrier is the solid seat pad for your baby or child. This seat is both lightweight and sturdy, and fastens securely around your waist. This makes it super easy to put your child into the carrier and get the straps done up. (You know what I’m talking about, no more of the “grouping octopus jiggle” with this carrier).

The design of the I Angel Hip Seat Carrier aims to keep your baby in the recommended ‘frog-leg’ position, supporting their developing hips. As your child gets bigger, the upper part of the carrier can be detached and the hip-seat used on its own as a support when carrying your child in your arms. Oh, how I wish I had one of these when I had two three year old twins needing to be carried alternately….

I think these are carriers are the best I have tried as they have a fundamental focus on good design and comfort. They look great and are exceptionally versatile, they will go the long haul right up to 3 years. I found them extremely comfortable to use too.

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