We were so excited at Munch to have a stand at Melbourne’s first Natural and Organic Supershow.

The Natural and Organic Supershow was aimed at people who are you passionate about living a more natural and healthier life and those who wanted to find delicious and clean products for their family. It offered the opportunity for people to meet and talk to the producers, nutritionists and experts who inspire and support positive changes in the foods we eat and the products we use.

The show was dedicated to natural, organic & free from products. As we are still pretty new in Australia we knew it would be a great place to show off our great products & be able to talk to a group of people who share our views on natural, sustainable items.

Munch at The Natural and Organic Supershow

Our Melbourne sales rep Karen was at the stand along with Sarah, who had been busy on the run up to our first Australian show setting everything up and getting everything in place ready to show Australia what Munch is all about.

Munch at The Natural and Organic Supershow

Karen said “we were both kept really busy showing people in particular how the Nil wraps & Munch food wraps work, it’s always a great feeling showing people that there is an alternative to plastic wrap, the look of amazement when we demonstrated the wraps was wonderful, I felt like I’d just shared a great magic trick!”

Our lovely new Lunchboxes were popular too, especially when they were paired with matching Lunch coolers.

The team at Munch!

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