As many of you will know, Munch grew out of an Award winning cookbook by Anna and her desire to create a company that makes and markets products that are useful, beautiful and green. We thought we should share some of the behind the scenes workings of Munch: making Nil organic beeswax wraps! This is the first in a series of posts on how we make some of our Munch Made products.

nil organic beeswax wrapsWhat are Nil organic beeswax wraps?

Our Nil organic beeswax wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap because they a BPA free and super easy to use and re-useable. Use them to wrap and cover food. Simply with the warmth of your hand the wax wraps will enable you to wrap up your food easily. Then pop in the fridge, or lunchbox or wrap your homemade bread.  When you need to clean them simply wipe down with a cloth and soap under cold water. Then wipe down to dry. Due to the wax surface residue is wiped off very easily. They are the perfect reusable food wrap.


Making NIL organic beeswax wraps

When making Munch products we aim to use all natural and biodegradable components wherever possible. If a component is not biodegradable, we want it to be reusable. Our NIL organic beeswax wraps are made here in New Zealand with fabulous New Zealand products, such as organic beeswax and Manuka oil and we use unbleached cotton fabric.

Many of the production tasks at Munch are done by New Zealand mums from the comfort and chaos of their own home. One of our talented mums working from home making NIL organic beeswax wraps is Erin Roberts. Erin produces over 300 Nils per week and has been integral in perfecting our awesome secret recipe.

Making NIL organic beeswax wraps

Also beauty is an important aspect of  what we do and make. We believe products need strong beautiful design elements. Hand made products such as our Nil organic beeswax wraps have an inherent beauty founded in their natural simplicity.

Making NIL Organic Beeswax Wraps 2 500 x 450

Nil organic beeswax wraps starter set

Our Nil organic beeswax wraps Starter packs contains three Nils:

  • Small – sized 20cm x 20cm
  • Medium – sized 20cm x 30cm
  • Large – sized 30cm x 30c

You can buy our Nil organic beeswax wraps direct from us from any of our Munch stockists.

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