Chelsea Winter’s Homemade Happiness

Chelsea Winter is my new favourite celebrity chef. I just love her down-to-earth, give-it-a-go attitude and find it so encouraging.

I was lucky enough to review Chelsea’s latest cookbook, Homemade Happiness, and reading it left me in such a good mood. Chelsea starts every recipe with a hilarious little blurb about it and often what music she was listening to when she created it.

I’ve been inspired to create several recipes from Homemade Happiness – apple crumble, peanut butter cookies and slow cooker soft beef tacos to name a few. All delicious. And there are many more recipes I’m keen to try.

Chelsea’s recipes are all the sorts of things my family

would want to eat. Nothing too gourmet or out there; just good old tucker with heaps of flavour.

I love that the book has a photo of every recipe – something I feel is a must with cookbooks as it both helps inspire home cooks to try a recipe, and it gives a visual of what we’re aiming to create.

Homemade Happiness has earned a permanent place in my kitchen, which is about the highest honour I can give a cookbook since my kitchen is tiny.

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Review by Emma Abrahams,
Author of Craving Fresh


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