I love it when you come across a cookbook and when thumbing through it for the first time you  want to bookmark nearly each and every recipe – that has to be a good sign.. right?!? Well, that is exactly what happened within minutes when the Healthy Kids Cookbook came across my desk, thanks Munch.

The Healthy Kids Cookbook review

The Healthy Kids Cookbook takes cooking back to basics. The recipes are made from everyday household ingredients, nothing fancy, so there will be no last minutes dashes to the supermarket before and / or in the middle of dinner prep or calling the hubby on the way home to pick up some fancy fandangled food item which can only be bought from the likes of Nosh and Farro; (yip, have totally had that cooking fail before). The only thing I had to do was a grocery shop but it was time for our fortnightly shop anyway.


I really wanted to put this book through its paces and so wrote my fortnightly meal plan with ALL of our meals coming from the ‘Healthy Kids Cookbook’. I went and choose a variety of meals from the lunch, dinner and party sections, adapting the quantities slightly so they were all suitable for two adult mains and a child portion. The portions were bang on with most of the time left overs which meant Steve got to have a yummy lunch or two as the case maybe.

Some of our favourites – Salmon Cakes, Quesadilla’s, Potato Skins, Individual Meat Pies, Portable Nachos, Vege Pesto Pasta, Spinach, Feta & Ricotta Parcels, and lets not forget the Berry Smoothie. All super scrummy and (wait for it) toddler approved! I love how easy this book made meal times, I mean everything can be prepared in approximately half an hour (which when you have a baby and toddler hanging off your leg is a WIN/ WIN situation). There is nothing complicated about this book and the recipes are nothing new they are just quick, easy, simple, nutritious classics. With over 68 recipes, there is defiantly no need to get bored at dinner times the only hard part is deciding which to make first.

So if your stuck for ideas on what to make your family for meal times, then check out this beauty for more inspiration – you won’t be disappointed! You can grab your copy here – www.healthymummy.com.

Reviewed by Lydia
Always Made with Love

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